Body Erotica

Holistic Vision Go Green Body Products offers customers a  positive place to shop for Organic Erotic Body Edibles that will tickle your taste buds and open your mind to new ways of body pleasure. We decided to use Organic Dark Chocolate in many of our Exotic Erotica Creations! Dark Chocolate has four times as many antioxidants as Green Tea. It also contains caffeine, a natural cellulite fighter. So its good for your body and your sensual side. Stock up on the best organic edible products online and explore your deepest fantasies The Organic Way!


Organic Pleasure Truffles

These Truffles are a tasty, kissable treat for sensual body exploration. These yummy Body Pleasure Truffles are not only Ideal For Romantic Massage, but also leaves you with sensational skin when you're done playing with it.

The Chocolate Truffles have real Organic Dark Chocolate in them, speckles of chocolate sprinkled throughout the truffles make them "even more" delicious!

 Organic Erotica Body Nuggets


These Nuggets will remind you of gourmet candy. The Chocolate Nuggets are infused with Organic Dark Chocolate. The shape and texture is tantalizing and the taste is even better. Smooth on and watch these nuggets melt into you or your partners skin. Enjoy this view by gentle candlelight.


Organic Silk Body Souffle

Our luscious Organic Body Souffles can be used to indulge your own personal senses OR you can enjoy with a partner over and over again. These souffles have a pleasant taste and health benefits. We added tiny organic cane sugar crystals that you will feel upon your first touch and then they will sweetly and quickly dissolve into the skin when massaged. Organic sugar has many health benefits for the skin. It is an excellent humectant, eliminates blemishes, does not clog pores and taste delicious. Each souffle has a superb texture making it a favorite for everyone. It goes on sweet, silky soft and is absolutely safe and edible. TRY NOT TO OVERINDULGE. 


 Exotic Body Buffers

 Prepare your body for an evening of bliss. Sweet sugar cane enzymes gently dissolve dull surface cells, as soothing exfoliating granules polish your skin to perfection. Nutrient rich organic oils and mango butter nourish your skin leaving it soft smooth and delicious.

 Erotic Organic Matted Lip Salve

The luscious  Matted Lip Salve, is made from natural ingredients and goes on like a stick of lip balm that delivers erotic bodily pleasure wherever your lips may touch. Infused with Organic Essential Oil of Cocoa, Organic Dark Chocolate and Organic Essential Oil of Vanilla for Vanilla Icing.


 Erotic Organic Glossy Lip Salve

This Kissable Aphrodisiac Glossy Lip Salve is Infused with Castor Oil and Almond OIl giving this glossy salve a subtle-shine, non-tacky finish that softens. This glossy lip salve gives your lips volume for a fuller, sexier pout. 


                                Sensual Chocolate

This oil hydrates and heals dry skin. This nourishing seductively scented oil is Popular with both men and women, this 100% pure organic formula can be used as massage oil or poured into a relaxing bath. This oil is sweetened with organic stevia making it nice for the senses including “Taste”. This one is  edible!Has a chocolate scent.

    4 oz $20 

Erotic Organic Soap 

These beautifully scented soaps will create an aroma of ecstasy. It lathers nicely and leaves your skin hydrated. Cleanse with these soaps to set the MOOD.